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Someone on my Facebook page is posting crap like "If you check the old medical manuals, measles etc. used to be 'benign childhood illnesses' merely needing rest and supportive care - before there were vaccines to sell, with billions of dollars in the offing."

Have unfriended with extreme prejudice.* But without making any comments to her about it, so score one for being reasonably adult. But not without vaguebooking about it on FB and here (post-unfriending!) so minus points for not being adult enough.

(she's someone I see periodically in daily life...if she mentions something about not seeing any FB updates anymore, I shall have to figure out how to deflect the subject.)

* You do this by yelling "FOR SPAAAAARTA!" as you click the button. Yelling it in your head is ok if you're in a place like a library where you need to remain quiet.

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