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So: what are you working on at the moment?

Work: I've got to poke through Adobe Contribute and teach myself how to use it, and update a committee website, and I'm sure there's a few other things that escape my notice at the moment.

Home: Work on [ profile] yhlee's pic, work on doujinshi (both of which are complicated by the discovery that my CPU is running way hotter than it should. Himself thinks he's got a good idea of the reason why, but it means I need to run the computer as little as possible until he can get up here and fix it), story for PBR chapbook*, the Spindrift story on the back burner**, and the Thing Wot I Am Not Writing. Not to mention finishing Okami and Kingdom Hearts 2, and continuing to go trhough my apartment and Get Rid Of Stuff that I haven't used nor looked at in three years, in a (probably futile) attempt to downsize.

* There's no way we can get Project Blue Rose 2 done in time for A-Kon, so we're breaking the "don't self-publish prose" rule and bringing out an illustrated chapbook for A-Kon to tide the fans over. We're not expecting to profit, we're not trying to shop the stories around to real publishers, the goal is to break even and keep the PBR fans happy until we get book 2 done.

** Which may stay on the back burner until next Yuletide, if someone cares to request it then, because it requires a bit more research on my part. But it's completely outlined out. :D

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