telophase: (Cat - I EET YOU!)
Have watched (and cringed in fascinated horror at) two episodes of How Clean Is Your House?.

Have watched - or at least, read while they played in the background - two episodes of Ghost Hunters.*

Have read vol 2 of Parasyte and ... it didn't grab me as much as the first volume did. I'll probably give volume 3 a whirl and if I'm not interested in it, drop the series.

Have also read volume 1 of Togari and ... I an in love. Whee! It's about a 16-year-old swordsman who was in hell for his sins for 300 years, and who is given a chance to get out of hell by coming to the world and destroying 108 demons (called 'sins') in 108 days. Only if he does any sinning himself, such as harming the humans who the sins inhabit, it gets revisited on him. I'll point you towards [ profile] meganbmoore's Togari tag where she reviews the first 2 volumes. (The main character is one of my Cool Bits, the hard-ass, hardbitten character who finds, much to his surprise, that he does have a wee little bit of heart there.)

And while all this was happening, there was a terrific noise from the bathroom and the cat shot out, limping horribly. She'd tried to jump on top of a tall cabinet and fell off, along with the travel bag stored up there. I was scared for a short while, but she's not limping now and repeated pokes of her rear end and hind legs produce nothing more than purrs and licks, so I think the limping was more shock than pain. She did attempt to make me feel guilty for moving her kitty bed from the Good Spot on the couch and sitting there myself, but has given up on that and is now sleeping next to the kitty bed, using it as a pillow.

* See, I don't get why skeptics are attacking the show based on the methods they use to investigate and how they could have faked the stuff they catch on film and such when it's damn obvious that the whole thing is a loosely scripted soap opera.

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