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Here is the Sergeant recovering from his latest swoon, with timestamps.

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(see "the sergeant is a drama queen" tag for previous episodes and photographs of the plant in question)

I failed to water the Sergeant before going way for Thanksgiving, because I'm testing these water-filled gelpack things as a way to keep the Sergeant alive over the extra-long Christmas holiday (we're a university; we get the week from Christmas to New Year off, and Toby and I are taking a couple of extra days off so we can avoid traveling on the worst of the travel days). I was going to water him thoroughly on Tuesday and stick a couple of the gelpacks on his soil and see how he held up over my days off.

Naturally, I got a migraine on Tuesday and didn't make it in to work. I'd put one gelpack in the pot the week before. I get in this morning, and the Sergeant is perky and looks exactly like he does when nothing is wrong and he's fully watered, which was unexpected, as I figured he'd be flat by now, even though the soil was dry as a bone.

HOWEVER. Apparently he required an audience, as within three hours of my arrival he was swooning and droopy and looking as though he'd never been given a drink in his life.

Verdict on the lone gelpack: I think they work well enough to keep him from dying over Christmas and in the spring when we go on a cruise and I won't be in for a week, even though peace lilies aren't supposed to like waterlogged soil. I think he'll survive that for a week and a half better than he will no water at all.

Although he might complain about it.


Nov. 11th, 2015 11:53 am
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So remember a bit back, when I posted about learning that peace lilies were drama queens? It happened again, and I got photos this time.

I left work on Friday without giving the Sergeant any water, intending to water him Monday. Naturally I get a two-day migraine, and when I get back today, he is all swoony, practically fanning himself and saying "Well, I swan!"

Honestly! Wouldn't you look at that and say "That is soon to be a dead plant"?

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Nobody told me Japanese peace lilies were such drama queens!

Okay, so I almost killed the thing by forgetting to water it before I went home to be sick for most of a week--it only requires watering once a week or so. I got back to work yesterday and I was afraid it was dead because all the leaves were drooping. Well, "drooping" isn't the word for it. "Flatlined" is more the word for it--they were pretty much horizontal.

Terrified I'd killed it, I poured water into it twice yesterday, and when I got in this morning, it was all upright and perky and going HEY HOW YA DOIN' and basically looking like nothing had happened to it. I knew the leaves were supposed to droop when it got thirsty, but I wasn't expecting THAT MUCH.

Drama queen.
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The Sergeant's purpose is to obscure direct view into my office from the window next to the door. The Sergeant is a Japanese peace lily that I purchased after looking for plants that thrive in low-light conditions and finding out that peace lilies can often thrive under nothing but florescent light. And once I found that out and remembered that it featured in Hot Fuzz OH COME ON OF COURSE I GOT ONE.

He is named Sergeant Nicholas Angel after Simon Pegg's character. He is also kind of huge because they didn't have any smaller ones that I could find.

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