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As I wanted to test out survey sites for future use, and as I was curous as to whether there was any correlation between location, dates of education, and categorizing Eggs into Meat or Dairy (see yesterday's post), I threw together a KwikSurvey on the subject!

Please go fill it out, if you have the time and inclination. It's only five questions, not long:

All survey-takers WILL be able to see the results, so don't put identifying info in your answers. (I think I can delete answers, but I'm not sure.)

It does not save your IP address as far as I know, which means you can skew my results by filling it out over and over until it closes in a couple of days. I'm hoping that I'll be able to generate data that I can mess about with in useful ways for other surveys.

Also, I suspect the Four Food Groups are a very USA-centric phenomemon but it didn't stop me from listing out other areas of the world to pick from. I do not believe any of the questions are set to be required, so feel free to skip the ones that don't pertain to you, although an explanation as to what your education's attitude towards the subject is would be cool.

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1) Won $50 this weekend. One of the survey companies I fill out surveys for (Opinion Outpost) gives you three choices when you fail to qualify for a survey: an entry in the $5000 sweepstakes, donate a little bit ($.10 or .15, I think) to charity, or try to win $50 instantly. I've been doing the latter, on the basis that I'm more likely to win $50 than $5000, and hit it yesterday. :D It was paid in points, which I then redeemed - should be seeing it in 6-8 weeks.

2) Did three more kanzashi yesterday - looked at the 40 or so kanzashi I had ready, and realized there were no blue ones. I have no idea if this is because I never made any, or because I sold out (keeping a photographic record of everything is really hard). So I made three. Also made plans to do a really spectacular one that won't be ready for Anime Matsuri, but should be ready for A-Kon. It'll have several falls - the long strings with petals or tiny flowers on them - and as none of the things I've used to make falls so far have worked well, I'm braiding some with my kumihimo disk. Rather time-consuming, but it'll justify me charging an arm and a leg for it (partly so that it *won't* be sold easily, so I can use it as an attention-getting piece).

3) Woke up out of a weird dream where I'd attended a conference for a several days at a hotel, and a letter the hotel had sent me quoted $200/night as the price, while the front desk, as I was checking out, told me no, that was a misprint and the actual price was $800 a night, bringing my bill to over $3000. I argued that the letter was a form of contract and that they were in breach of it, then in an attempt to scare the impassive desk clerk into lowering my bill, asked for use of the phone so I could call my lawyer, and called someone and complained loudly about breach of contract. About this point my subconscious decided it was too damn serious, and the front doors of the hotel opened and in walked my lawyer - Yasu from Nana. Unfortunately the alarm (and the kitten) woke me up before I could watch the fireworks that were, I'm sure, about to ensue.

4) [ profile] puppleball went shopping yesterday and got me some Japanese ingredients to try to make some things from the izakaya cookbook. Yay!

5) Also read [ profile] janni's Bones of Faerie. Overall good, but unfortunately there was one thing near the end that made it Not A Book For Me At This Time. (spoiler from climactic scene) I burst into tears of rage - unfortunately not at the character that did it, but at the author - when the cat was killed, and the book lost me at that point - I ended up skimming so fast that I missed Liza trying to bring the cat back and failing, and had to go back to reread that when it was mentioned a couple of pages later, which made me even more angry at Janni for making me have to do that. Um, yeah, I knew it was irrational even at the time, but abusing and killing cats, even fictional ones, is, obviously, one of my Huge Irrational Trigger Points. Although I can handle it if it's done to a cat that we haven't gotten to know: I read some book recently that had a scene with a dead cat in it, killed by someone else, that was just mentioned as the main characters finding the dead cat and realizing what had happened. That was fine. Naturally, I haven't the slightest idea what book I read this in - it was sometime in the past few months. So, sorry, [ profile] janni! This is not a book I'm going to be able to reread, and I shall probably pass it on to someone else who wants it. :)


Dec. 19th, 2008 02:50 pm
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If any of you play video games and want to join a survey panel that may or may not pay money,* feel free to let me know so I can refer you (email me at telophase14 at gmail). Each referral enters me into a drawing for Amazon gift cards. :D

* I've gotten nothing from them, but I test out of everything as I am a very light gamer so I have no clue if they offer rewards or just the satisfaction of telling them how much XXX game sucks. XD
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OKAY. So Ichigo & Co. set foot in Hueco Mundo in chapter 241 of Bleach. As of chapter 297 this week, they're still fighting after 56 chapters - over a year of weekly installments - that cover a short period of time. Exactly how short, we don't know, but certainly less than a day, possibly as short as an hour, and it's still going on. And note that none of these chapters has been set anywhere but Hueco Mundo: no jumps back to Karakura Town or Soul Society to let us know what's happening with the other characters.

This prompted [ profile] octopedingenue to ask: "Has there been, like, an Official Survey clocking which shonen manga stretch the least amount of Real Time* over the largest number of Fight!!Chapters? Because Bleach has gotta be way up there."

So HERE IS THE OFFICIAL SURVEY. So far we've got 56 chapters = part of 1 day. Any other contestants? I'm sure Samurai Deeper Kyo ought to be up there, since they have a metric buttload of fights while one character has a short time limit to live, but I don't know exactly how many chapters it is. But I'm sure [ profile] chomiji or [ profile] meganbmoore can work that out for us.

ETA: I failed to make it clear that I'd like (a) the number of chapters and (b) time period covered for anything you post. Otherwise we have no way of ranking the series. :)

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