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We were watching Star War: Rebels last night, and during one of [character’s] scenes, my husband said “Ooh, that comes from the Sith creed!” and then proceeded to repeat the entire creed flawlessly. Should I be concerned?
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Couple of Star Wars links:

Buzzfeed has Star Wars fanart--drawn in-house, from fans' suggestions, not grabbed from Tumblr.

Metafilter on how to use Han Solo's "I know" line. (links to comments in the EPIC Star Wars thread that's still going on, so I requoted it here)
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Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base. (YouTube; I haven't finished watching it yet as I'm at work.)
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I am going to regret ever showing this to Toby, I know it: [ profile] dadjokehansolo
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So I'm (still) reading the epic Star Wars thread on, enjoying the discourse and snark and commentary and jokes, and I think this little tongue-in-cheek exchange just sort of encapsulates fandom:Read more... )

Also, a gif for all your NOPE needs.
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Comment on SW:The Force Awakens from the comments section at The Toast: Read more... )

Star Wars

Dec. 18th, 2015 04:16 pm
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Non-spoilery bit: Liked it quite a lot. Didn't love it, but don't regret ditching work for 4 hours to go see it.

And now for the spoilers...
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I picked up Star Wars: A New Dawn, a prequel to the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon series that sucked Toby and I in, after seeing it mentioned by [personal profile] meganbmoore (spoilers for finale of Rebels in that writeup). She says: "The book ships [Kanan and Hera] to an absurd degree, and Kanan is spending most of his time mooning over Hera when he isn't busy internally chanting 'I am an angsty loner, a looonnnneeeerrrr!' while Hera occassionally tries to decide whether its amusing or annoying as she Does Important Stuff."

And, yes, she's pretty much nailed it. Mostly Kanan tries to get into her pants impress Hera while she goes "That's adorable. *pats on head* Now run along." I'm enjoying it so far. :)

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