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Enough snow that when I started out for work at 8:45 or so this morning, the accumulation started playing havoc with my brakes, and was causing me to swerve on the road and, more importantly, was causing other people to swerve on the road, so I said the hell with it, turned around, and slowly drove home. Almost didn't make it up the driveway--we have the steepest drive on the block. I emailed work and said I was working from home, as that drive was Just Not Happening.

An hour later, I got a phone call from the alert line, and they're closing campus at 11. Yay. Near 11, I got another--they're closing down tomorrow as well, until 5PM or so.

So now I'm just hanging on electronically, waiting to shut down until I hear back from the administration as to what we're going to do with the library tomorrow, as we normally close at 8PM--are we going to be open for 3 hours or not?--because I need to update the website.

(the time I spend sitting here is so going on the timesheet.)

I also have to decide how I'm going to mock Toby, who telecommutes to his job in Houston, and who, therefore, never gets a snow day because Houston just about never shuts down (except for the very occasional flood or ice storm).
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Hawaiian albatross chick cam! As I was watching, the parent sitting on it stood up to preen, so I got a glance at the chick.

ETA: SOmeone operating the cam noticed the adult standing and zoomed in on the chick. I got a screenshot:Read more... )

Also, it's SNOWING here. Actual BIG FLUFFY FLAKES, some of which are made of actual SIX-SIDED FLAKES! All y'all north of here are rolling your eyes, but that just doesn't happen here. We get ice pellets or those teeny flakes that don't look like much of anything.

Anyway, driving was an adventure. I'te not bad near the house, but near work it's worse. I almost slid through a stoplight, and on the way home--I was worried about conditions later in the day, so opted to work from home for the afternoon--I slid into the curb at a stop sign.
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This is our house today! And while it looks like lovely, soft, crunchy snow, what this white stuff is is ICE. There's a layer of ice over whatever snow there is, and it's very slippery! And I don't think the photo adequately shows the steepness of our drive--we've got one of the steepest driveways in the neighborhood. We're not leaving the house today. Possibly not even tomorrow.

On the bright side, you can see that our attic is well-insulated since there's no melted patches on our roof!
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We're snowed in! :D

And here is a small flock of juncoes (I counted 5 at one point, although only 2 are visible here) that's hopping around beneath the bird feeder. When I get dressed, I'm going to refill the feeder and scatter some seed on the ground for them.

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A few pics when we bundled up and went outside today.

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We got three inches of snow!

*pauses to let THE ENTIRE NORTHEAST laugh hysterically*

Down here in North Texas, the city isn't equipped to salt/sand the roads this extensively, so it tends to close everything down. TCU is no exception and I've got a snow day, although I live close enough that I could have driven in if I really needed to.

Snow Day!

Jan. 17th, 2007 08:31 am
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Snow day today! Of course, I didn't realize campus would be closed until after I got out on the highway and saw that they hadn't salted or sanded, and there hadn't been enough traffic to melt much of the snow on the road yet. It's a fault with having lived in South Dakota, I think: I totally underestimated the amount of snow it takes to shut the city down.

Anyway, I took some photos because I'm sure you all want to see the results of this huge winter storm that has paralyzed all of Dallas-Fort Worth. )

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