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Well, I was actually feeling pretty good, to the point where I was considering going through my closet and dumping everything that no longer fit into plastic bags to take to Goodwill. I was just downloading podcasts to entertain myself with while doing so, and ... then the sneezing/runny nose part of the cold hit me with a hammer and now all I want to do is roll up in a ball and sleep. *sigh*
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Definitely have cold. Sore throat, weird in the head in the way you are when you've got colds, and my ears are doing the weird thing they do when I have colds. And I barely managed to avert a coughing fit in the grocery store with my inhaler*, and I've already sneezed a couple of times.

As I have to work at the ref desk on Saturday, and it's a real bitch to try to change shifts with someone this close to the weekend, my current plan is to play it by ear tomorrow morning, and if I feel worse, tot ake of tomorrow and maybe Friday, then drug myself up for Saturday. We're now trying a schedule that has two librarians there, and we switch off during the day, so for half the time I'll be sequestered in my office downstairs instead of at the desk proper for eight hours. Better than it used to be.

And another thing that popped up from the Cool Bits generator:
The antagonist of this piece is a priestess, while the protagonist is a short person who kicks tremendous ass. Neither of them are motivated because they're dying anyway, so they might as well.The plot begins with blue cocktails in the palaces of Heaven. The ending includes elements of a kiss on the neck from behind and creepy pick-up lines.
I'm seeing some sort of black comedy where people die and discover the afterlife is a really horrible lounge bar.

* Yay. I am all about this, if it works, as codeine and other cough medicines don't work very well on me.

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