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Below the cut, a bunch more pics of the Assassination City Roller Derby bouts we attended this weekend. Two of which you've seen before, but hey. (And if you prefer Flickr, you can see them over on my Flickr account.)

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Derby day

Mar. 17th, 2013 12:43 am
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I took about 600 photos, messing about with settings to see if I could freeze action. I've only gone through 140-ish so far tonight, and I expect that I have probably not managed to do great action shots because I have a cheaper (comparatively) lens, but I think some of them, at least, will be reasonably nice.

They're not going to be the sharpest of images just because I pushed the camera's ISO to 6400, to make the bit where the photos is created as sensitive to light as it can get, because my dinky little flash isn't going to make a dent as far away as the teams were (we were sitting on the front row, but there's a nice buffer zone to limit the amount of damage one of them can do if she loses control and slides out towards the audience). Anyway, ISO 6400 makes the photo fairly grainy.

edit: Ah, hell, one more before I go to bed.

So anyway

Mar. 14th, 2013 08:18 pm
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Toby and I are heading to Dallas Saturday night for roller derby. We have friends who are deeply into it (spectating, rather than playing) and they have finally convinced us to give a match a try. Well, what happened was me wanting to take photos and realizing, when the invitation came our way, that roller derby would be an excellent chance to get some good action photos, provided I can manage it. So I should maybe say an excellent change to practice getting good action photos.

The league 'round these parts is Assassination City. We have been told that we will be cheering for the Deadly Kennedys and that there will be no dissension in the ranks.

[Although let me say that I am all about any team that contains a member named Stone Cold Jane Austen, as the DKs do.]

So, if I manage to get some decent shots, expect roller derby pics in the not-too-distant future!
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Here's 2 videos of the Assassination City Roller Derby demo at A-Kon on Saturday night. - The players skate as the leader explains their schedule. - The players body-check a man holding a padded target at the roller derby demo at A-Kon 2011. You can hear people in the audience yelling out a curse word or two, so be warned if you're at work. :)

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