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Read further in the House book, and it GETS BETTER. Rot13 in case you're going to read the book and wish to remain unspoiled, but really, it doesn't matter you should read it anyway.

Gur urebvar vf ehzberq ol Fbpvrgl gb or certanag, qhr gb jrnevat n onyytbja jvgu ybgf bs cyrngf ng gur jnvfg, naq vf gurersber ehvarq naq pna'g zneel gur cevapr jub'f orra pbhegvat ure rira gubhtu fur'f abg certanag. Ure nhag naq sngure pbafcver gb zneel ure bss gb Ubhfr (Cvref vf uvf anzr naq ur vf n qhxr), jub vf fhccbfrq gb or vzcbgrag qhr gb gur vawhel gung ynzrq uvf yrt, naq jura fur cebgrfgf gung fur'f abg npghnyyl certanag, gryy ure fur'f tbg 12 ubhef nsgre gur fvtavat bs gur pbagenpg gb svaq gur cevapr naq *trg* certanag. FURRE PENPX!

FURRE PENPX is SHEER CRACK in rot13. I shall adopt that as my new rallying cry. FURRE PENPX!


May. 15th, 2013 12:28 pm
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Bought the House Regency during lunch today. His Wilson analogue is his butler, who is far, far more familiar with his master than he ought to be, even given the anachronisms present in most Regencies.

I cannot possibly be the only person reading this! YOU NEED TO READ IT, TOO. ALL OF YOU.

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Home from work for the FOURTH day, this time because a migraine took the opportunity to set in. It's faded enough to let me read, so I'm going through Kindle samples and deleting them or moving them to my Possible Purchase folder. I've just come across the sample of Eloisa James' When Beauty Tamed the Beast and OH MY GOD SHE ACTUALLY WENT THERE SHE TOOK GREGORY HOUSE AND PUT HIM DIRECTLY INTO A REGENCY ROMANCE

I may have to get this one for the sheer chutzpah of that. The male lead is an irascible, titled (of course) physician who tells it like it is without fear of insulting or annoying anyone, who has severe leg pain and walks with a cane. He does have a secret heart of gold, as is required for these sorts of things. But still. HOUSE

I also just realized why I have in on the Kindle--at first I thought that either one of you suggested it or I found it via trawling through Customers Who Bought This Also Bought on Amazon, but I remembered that a while back I checked an ebook out of the library by her that was a travel book about her and her family's year in Paris made from her Facebook updates that year. Apparently I found her writing entertaining enough to download a sample of one of her books some time ago and just hadn't gotten around to reading it yet. The writing in the sample didn't throw me off, the typical genre standards didn't bother me too much, so I moved it to the Possible Purchase folder.

And, really. HOUSE.

I have to get off the iPad now, as the screen is annoying my headache. Back to the Kindle.


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