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Librarians cook recipes from their favorite books: 36 Eggs. Currently doing a Harry Potter month, but paging back earlier will get you other books.


Mar. 3rd, 2014 04:27 pm
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Also, in case you were wondering, what I ended up baking yesterday was a sour cream biscuit recipe and Satiny Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt, both from Yvonne Ruperti's One Bowl Baking: Simple, From Scratch Recipes for Delicious Desserts. Note: the biscuits work PERFECTLY WELL as breakfasts, and as OMG lunch is an hour away and we are STARVING!, which was what they did for us yesterday.

We also made the Best Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce from Serious Eats.* We also made their Oven-Baked Espresso, Cocoa, and Chili-Rubbed Baby Back Ribs** instead of the pork belly I mentioned yesterday, as I realized shortly after I posted that the pork belly recipe calls for seasoning it and letting it sit 8-24 hours. So we prepared it, and Toby emailed me that he'd put ti in a little after 3, so we'll be eating it around 6:30-7.

On Saturday we made this vegan mushroom bolognese*** from Serious Eats. All the vegan stuff we've been making lately is not because we're thinking of going vegan, it's because February is Vegan Month at Serious Eats and they've been posting some seriously tasty-sounding recipes!

* Verdict: too spicy for my taste. Toby liked it, but said it wasn't really a "cheese" sauce, although it made a fine dip. If you had elaborate nachos with lots of other ingredients (*cough*), it would be just fine, but by itself, it didn't substitute for nacho cheese. We'd make it and serve it to friends as a dip, just not call it "'cheese' sauce."

** Verdict: not too bad, but not quite there yet. We're thinking of increasing the brown sugar in the rub--there was a lot of rub and a lot didn't get used and either decreasing the coffee or using a light roast. (Toby found espresso beans that claimed they were medium-roast, so we used those!)

*** Verdict: Pretty good, although we'd cook the carrots longer, as the texture they added is a bit weird. I'd also use diced tomatoes instead of the whole ones, as there were weird tomato lumps in it, even though I'd crushed them as instructed.

Arg, why did I decide to post this now? I'm now hungry! (And, oddly, craving Fritos.)
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* Dinner Wednesday night consisted of bread I'dwarmed in the overn, dipped into oilve oil seasoned with smoked salt and fresh-ground pepper, since I was out of butter, as mentioned earlier. I'd decided that the olive oil must have been slightly rancid, and that was what made me sick, until this afternoon when I was cleaning the kitchen and picked up the rest of the loaf of bread. And spotted the mold. Ah. That makes a lot of sense now. I felt worst in the morning and am almost completely human now, which is good because I wouldn't, ironically, want to have been too sick to go to the doctor Friday.
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The chicken, of course, lacked any flavor whatsoever, so I knew that I had to do something to it that was strongly flavoerd, to make up for it. Ended up remembering the yellow curry paste I had in my fridge and the can of coconut milk in the cabinet. So I'm making chicken curry with half of it - two teaspoons of the curry paste (because I am an utter wimp about spicy-heat things) sauteed in a cup of the coconut milk, chicken tossed back in, soft onions and carrots picked out of the stock leavings and tossed in, and the lone semi-elderly potato I found chopped up and thrown in. And a cup and a half of chicken stock to liquify it up a bit. It's simmering until the potato softens now, and then I'll eat it. I also made a box of frozen peas and may throw them in for the color.

The other half of the cooked chicken is in the fridge awaiting a decision. I may go ahead and make chicken salad, but spike it with dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar and tarragon to make it flavorful.

I've still got about six cups of double stock now, waiting for me to figure out something to do with it that doesn't involve freezing it. :/


Oct. 22nd, 2006 08:05 pm
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I'm not entirely sure what I'm making for dinner, other than "stuff in the freezer I need to get rid of." I had two packages of skinless, boneless chicken thighs, and two cups of frozen stock, so I'm basically making double stock - make stock using chicken stock for part of the water. Tossing in some carrots and onion and garlic since I had them. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the stock - I dislike chicken soup, BTW - since the point was to get rid of the chicken stock things in the freezer, instead of make more. O.o But the chicken will be cooked and lightly flavored, and I may make chicken salad out of it - I've got a package of slightly stale pita bread which should revive with a few seconds nuking with damp paper towels.

And then I've got jasmine rice which I haven't done anything with, so I'm making that. And there's frozen vegetables in the freezer, so I'll make some of them to add green stuff.

So .. each individually is good, but none of it really goes together. Hrm.

P.S. faster!!!

Recipe #2

Aug. 3rd, 2006 07:10 pm
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...from the 500 3-Ingredient Recipes book.* This one was 2 cucumbers sliced, 1 cup sour cream, 2 Tb fresh dill. Mix together, let sit at least 1/2 hour up to overnight, eat. I had no fresh dill, so made do with a lesser amount of dried. Result: yum, although needs salt. Would probably have been even more excellent had I used full-fat sour cream and not fat-free sour cream.

* Technically recipe #3, since I took one for a roast the other day and made it in a crockpot instead anf added ingredients. :D 1.5 lb chuck roast, some amount of red wine, several shallots. And I added carrots because I had them. Crockpot on High about 4-5 hours, once it's cooked drain the liquid into a saute pan and reduce 'til it starts to get thick, then finish by swirling a wad o'butter in. Yum.


Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:59 pm
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8 skinless boneless chicken thighs. Rub 'em with Dijon mustard, press them into panko crumbs (which I seasoned with a bit of thyme and basil, and smoked salt and ground pink peppercorns). Bake in 375 ove until done.

Don't yet know how it tastes, since it's still in the oven, but man it smells good.

(It's from 500 3-Ingredient Recipes, which I got because there's a lot of fairly quick recipes in there. :D)

ETA: Mm, good! The mustard ended up fairly subtle, almost a lemon without the bite. The panko could have been seasoned a bit more. As I predicted, the bottoms are soggy from sitting in the chicken fat as they cooked, but if I had a rack to put them on and a pan to catch the drippings, it would have been perfect. :D

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