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And also checking back into my partly-finished random manga generator, which I haven't worked on in a year.

1. Karolína: 1 Karolína lives for developing a split personality. Superficially, she seems jittery but when thwarted her inner shaman is roused. She decides to proceed by becoming a revolutionary.

I know the numbers *after* the name are meant to help me figure out which sentences need editing, but for the life of me I can't figure out where I coded that in...
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Hrm. I'm now sort of stuck on the best way to do the plot coupons bits of the Random Manga Generator. Any ideas?

I suspect it'll probably steal a bit from the Cool Bits generator*, but I don't want to just stick that on there. Hrm.

* And possibly the least prurient bits of the Kinkfic Generator, which is really good at producing interpersonal plot twists.
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María Elena: María Elena lives for investigating the roots of an ancient crime. Superficially, she seems charming but when thwarted her inner god is roused. She decides to proceed by investigating the roots of an ancient crime.

At least she knows what she wants.

Lukas: He is both pompous and courteous. Because of traveling in time, he feels he can't hope for material success. Lukas, a baker, once tried to fix things by building a spaceship, which got him into his current mess. He wants a noble leader.

Apparently he accidentally built a time machine, instead of a spaceship. Or he forgot about time dilation.
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And sometimes a theme emerges!
Youssef: He is an angelic food critic whose ultimate goal is blowing up the Diet building but who was previously thwarted by a cook.
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Daichi: He is an engineer who secretly longs to be a housewife. Over time, Daichi fixates on the resurrection of an ancient evil, but is not sure how to achieve that.
I've got the a/an routine in, and am starting to edit the grammar. May or may not start in on the plot soon. :)

Ignore the numbers after the name - I've numbered the sentences to help me find them in the (very full of text and strange symbols) file, and will be taking them off when that's done.
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Aleksandur: Genius Aleksandur knows where his interest lies: a lover. He is a/an ex-minion, and also a lover, due to being fabulous.
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Next: fix typos and grammar/wording mess-ups in the bios. And write a routine to choose 'a' or 'an' depending on the first letter of the next word. Then I get to start in on the plot!


Apr. 16th, 2008 04:41 pm
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(throwing this open to the public right now because the results are too silly not to share, but the generator's less than half done. It'll be way more complex, and have ACTUAL GRAMMAR later on :D P.S. KENPACHI LOVES YOU!)

Obivously, still far from done, but at least the grammar is getting somewhat better.

Nikhil: Superficially, Nikhil seems morally ambiguous, but when thwarted, his inner sculptor is roused. He decides to proceed by disintegrating enemies. On the surface, Nikhil is palindromic, but when push comes to shove, his inner self surfaces. All he wants is to live by assuming a new identity.

Rikuto: He is sexy and spunky. He wants a family. The only thing last scion of a deposed monarchy Rikuto wants is material success, but fate keeps getting in the way. He looks like an ordinary pirate, but in reality he is a/an dog-demon.

Lisa: She is a/an crossdresser who secretly longs to be a/an mangaka. She lives for staying positive.

Carla: She is a/an housekeeper. She wants to find a sibling, but has so far been thwarted by fate. Superficially, Carla seems happy, but when thwarted, her inner student is roused. She is a/an middle manager who secretly longs to be a/an last scion of a deposed monarchy.

Masaru: He is oldest and disguised. Superficially, Masaru seems spacy, but when thwarted, his inner paleontologist is roused.

Kevin: Overenthusiastic Kevin always thought he would be a/an international Scrabble champion, but that was thwarted by a/an writer. His goal is not chocolate, but hope for the future. On the surface, Kevin is reticent, but when push comes to shove, his inner self surfaces. Because of working for the government, he feels he cannot hope for a kitten.

This one totally broke me:

Katerina: She is a/an trapeze artist who secretly longs to be a/an boxer. She is a/an pathologist. She decides to proceed by reading lots of shoujo manga.

Linus: Because of becoming a model, he feels he cannot hope for hope for the future. Peasant Linus once handled things by becoming President, which got him into his current predicament. He lives for starting a band. He is a/an baker who secretly longs to be a/an fake ninja.

ETA2: Poor Gabriel!!
Gabriel: He is a/an loser. He wants a kitten.

ETA3: And there's something refreshing about the simplicity of this one:
Jayla: She is a/an assassin. She is a/an librarian.

ETA4: Aaaaaaaand one last edit:
Tomasz: He looks like an ordinary teacher, but in reality he is a/an llama
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Between my brain being fuzzy from lack of sleep*, being numbed by meetings all day, and someone's mention of Manga Plot Coupons in the previous post asking for ideas for con swag, my brain is giving me a half-formed idea on how to set up a random manga plot generator.

It wouldn't really be in full paragraph/sentence format, because that would be way too difficult. Instead, the would-be writer picks a few parameters - number of characters, whether the characters are all male, all female, or a mix, and the genre.** It then spits out character descriptions and backstory elements, a setting, theme, and plot coupons using the created characters. Naturally there would be a good mix of cracktastic elements.

So... I think I need to maybe come up with some samples of what the output would look like, because I'll be able to work out how to produce them then.

* Or horrific drug side-effects or something.

** Shounen, shoujo, josei, seinen, yaoi, yuri, BL, shoujo-ai.*** Josei, seinen, yaoi, and yuri would pick settings and plot coupons from options that involve more adult themes - harems, offices, career worries, horror, etc. I'd want to keep this PG-13.

*** I have an evil desire to add "hentai" and have the entire result for that option be: "What plot?"

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