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Someone on Metafilter pointed out this site which passes text through multiple online translators (like we all used to do with Babelfish back in the day!), resulting in an amusing game of Telephone, and I thought I'd post a quiz using more-or-less famous quotations. Enjoy!

(Length because it accepts up to 250 characters)

1) "If human activity should be one people to dissolve the political attitudes of other people have access to a world of equality between the government, the legal nature of the..."

2) "My good friends, this is the first time ever, comes back from Germany to Downing street peace and dignity : I believe that the world currently."

3) "I want to remember, lady, generous and rich ancestors. You can't put that power to their husbands. We should not forget that all men are tyrants, when they could."

4) "In simple fact, namely, that good man, the team must be his wife."

5) "All happy families are happy and unhappy family is unhappy here."

6) "If you really want to know, the first thing you want to know where he was born and spent his strange little, my parents when I was very busy, and me and David Copperfield crap..."

7) "Today you are you! It's so nice! There is no surviving that."

8) "This is a real love story, smoothly."

9) "In the beginning the universe was stvoren., like many people, it is very difficult, and in any place, stuck in traffic. "

10) "Once the name of midnight, sorry, at this time, when I feel weak and tired. Many strange and curious forgot ear, nose and throat Even though I fell asleep, almost suddenly, unexpectedly touching. As someone knocked on the door of my room."
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Revisiting the cosplay database from a bit over a year ago! And it's been long enough that I can easily not think about sunk costs in the making of that version, and just re-make it, better! stronger! faster!

So: Cosplay Database 2.0!

It turns out that anime, manga, and videogames are made up almost entirely of edge cases, not that you didn't know that already. (Probably because people like to make characters visually distinct.) So ... need to work out what various things should be, and to do it in a way that uses multiple tables rather than the STUPID-ASS ONE table that I think I was doing last year for GOD ONLY KNOW WHAT REASON.

*ahem* here's some possible breakdowns. Thoughts?
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What am I missing? :)
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...that allows you to pick and choose among character/costume elements: here. Form does not work yet, as I'm just in the process of building it and ignoring the bits yet to come that involve working out the SQL commands for all the options. :D And yes, I AM INSANE and using checkboxes to allow you to choose multiple thingys per element, and not radio buttons which would force you to pick one and only one choice. Which would be easier on me but in all honesty would drive you guys nuts to have to fill out the entire damn form AGAIN to check for characters with, say, both pink and purple hair. You'll also be able to pick multiple series if you want to limit your search to just some of the series in the database, but I haven't got round to adding that little bit of code to that section yet.


Jul. 26th, 2010 05:29 pm
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There's now 43 characters in the cosplay database. (Usual disclaimers apply: the photos are all hotlinked at the moment, so may not show up properly, and I'm working on making the results pretty later.)

Thanks to all who are entering them in!
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No, I'm not cosplaying. :) This is the Seekrit Project I mentioned the other day: I'm starting to create a database of characters to cosplay as, with a list of characteristics in stupidly fine detail, that I can use to feed into a quiz/form that people can fill out to get back a list of suggestions of character to cosplay as. Woo, aren't you excited?

Anyway, I now need your help to feed data into it! details under cut )
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Don't click here until you've taken the Manga/Anime Cracktastic Quiz!

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Jul. 12th, 2007 10:11 pm
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Remember the Cracktastic Quiz I threatened you with earlier? Well, here it is! And I got enough suggestions that it's damn long! I didn't even use HALF of the suggestions I got. :)

I *think* I didn't screw up and leave the correct answer off of any one of them, but I might have, so that's always an option. Also, there may be more than one statement that applies to the same series, so just because you marked it earlier doesn't mean it's not another answer. :)

Will post the answers in another post, at some point in the future.

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I had the idea to make a quiz to see how many of you could match up cracktastic bits to the anime or manga they come from. But for that, I need ... cracktastic bits! Characters, situations, or things, it doesn't matter. (I mean, I could make one up just fine, but it would contain mostly things that most of you already know about due to me mentioning them all the time.)

And to keep people from cheating on the quiz, intentionally or inadvertently, all comments to this post are screened (which means I won't answer you unless you ask me a direct question, due to the annoyance of having to re-screen when I do that. :D)

You'll need to give me the person, thing, situation, whatever, plus what it came from. If I think a term will give it away, I'll change it - like if I were trying to describe a Hollow from Bleach, I'd call it a spirit or ghost or undead or something like that, since the term gives it away. :)

(I'd give you examples, but unfortunately all the ones I can think of right this second, I want to put in the quiz, despite what I said above... Hrm.)
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...not ones I'm asking you (now), but ones I'm trying to come up with. I feel strongly that what the world really, truly needs is an internet quiz about which of the Four Bishounen of the Apocalypse the quiz-taker embodies. And as a result, I need questions.

Not just any questions, though. I positively hate quizzes that are easy to game to get the answer you want, so questions like "Your brother massacred the rest of your family. What do you do? A) Turn my hate onto the rest of the world. B) Make cutting quips to hide my inner pain. C) Quietly obsess over training to kill him. D) Cry big emo tears." are RIGHT OUT. As are "What's your favorite color? A) the red of RAGE. B) The green of jealousy. Yours. C) The deepest, darkest, black of moonless midnight. D) Pink! Or blue! Or sunshiny yellow!" Waaaaay too obvious.

Which is where you guys come in. I feel sure you'll be able to suggest something that'll get me thinking in the right direction OR ELSE.

(I'm not even sure which quizmaking thing I'm going to use yet, so there's no telling if it'll be one with four answers, more, or elss for each question.)
telophase: (Jiraiya don't play that shit) the car question I posed earlier today.

Symptom: When I accelerated from a stop sign or a red light, my wiper blades would wipe the windshield once.

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