telophase: (Cannot brain I have the dumb) seems I totally misremembered* which of you it was who ordered the flapper picture, whereupon I found that the original hi-res file was missing. Well, it's no longer missing. :)

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I just went through and worked out which of my prints in my DA gallery can be sold, and at what size. :) Also: free shipping to the US and Canada for now! ($5 for all other countries.) Check it out!

I also have some of my Japan photographs for sale here. (They can do better sizes at a better price than I can.)
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I posted a HI BUY MY CRAP journal entry over at Deviantart with info on buying prints and keychains from me via mail-order. It may or may not be comprehensible, since I am currently very sleepy, but you can always ask if you're confused. Assume that most things in my gallery are available: if they're not, I'll let you know.

And if more than 5 or so people want keychains, it'll be a while since I have to buy more keychain blanks. :D (because I have yet to determine the winners from my Create That Character contest. XD)

Any of the 11x17" prints I've got listed in the above-linked journal entry can fit into a keychain, and each of the Four Bishounen of the Apocalypse fits in his own keychain. :)

I've got the Yuuko marker original available for $60 - if you want it in its mat, it'll probably be extra for the shipping because I have to pad it carefully - it's 16 x 20" with the mat. You can ask for it out of its mat and sent in a mailing tube, but it's a weird size (A3, I think) and any mat will have to be custom-cut for it.

I also have my pencilled Goku original available for $50 without mat, extra with the mat (16 x 20") for the reasons above. The mat does not need to be custom-cut: any 16 x 20" mat with a 10.5 x 13.5" frame cut in it will do.

There's also the 8 x 10" pencilled Loz from Advent Children, but I expect nobody really wants him (which makes him CRY), and he can go for $15 unmatted and, er, $25 matted.

I've got a 3x5ish" print of the Advent Children in a 5x7" mat, and a 3x5ish" print of Sephiroth in a 5x7" mat, for $7/each + $3 shipping. :)

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