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Note: I've also uploaded some of my Japan photographs to, an online site where you can buy art prints. Hint. Hint. Hint. ok, you can also get them direct from me - and most of them will do 10.5x15.5ish" or 6.5x10".


Jul. 28th, 2008 07:16 pm
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As part of the Recoup [ profile] telophase's Moving Expenses Project, I'm opening up prints for sale. Most of the pictures in my DeviantArt gallery can be made into prints, but there are a few that I've lost the original files on, so don't send Paypal monies without making sure that I *can* send them. :D At some point I'll make a nice list of what's actually available, but as I'm working on about 4 hours sleep right now, it'll be later.

They'll be either around 8x10" (on 8.5x11" paper) or 11x17"ish (on 13x19" paper) - you can usually tell which is which by the proportions of the piece. If you're not sure, ask me. Shipping is $5 for 8x10" and $7 for 11x17" for the US and Canada. I'll have to go poke about the US Post Awful's website for other countries and will quote you. On the bright side, you can get as many prints as you want for either shipping price, as they'll fit nicely into a photo mailer or a mailing tube. :)

And now I have to work out the actual print prices. Um...

8x10" - $10 for the first, $5 for all subsequent
11x17" - $20 for the first, $10 for subsequent 11x17" and $5 for subsequent 8x10"

(No, of course I'm not encouraging you to buy more than one!)

Paypal, check, money order, artfully concealed cash OK.

(I don't think Drum Beat Heart Beat looks particularly good at the 11x17" size, since the figure is out of focus, so I'd suggest it as an 8x10". But if you reeeeally want to have an 11x17" of it, I'll sell you one with a Buyer Beware caveat.)

ETA: I should add that I can do any of the Bleach and Death Note chibis as 8x10ish because the original files are 6x6". And that you can get keychains of them for $3 each! Or 4 for $10!

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