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The good photos I took from this weekend's zoo trip. You've seen a couple posted earlier as I was experimenting with automagic crossposting stuff, but there are also new ones. Unless you're on Facebook and have friended me there, in which case you've seen them already.

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You may or may not remember me mentioning in the Japan trip reports that someone - I think it was [ profile] m00nface - mentioned early on to us that you could get Hello Kitty phone charms that were specialized for different regions of Japan. So I started collecting them, because they were silly and packed small.

Well, my Kyoto box with the rest of my souvenirs got here today, so I've taken some photos. :D Most of them are still in the packaging because I've forgotten what a couple are and wanted people who read Japanese to translate them for me because I have no idea where I got them. XD

But the Genji ones I got in Kyoto are unpacked! :D

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These are from Rachel's digital camera. She took some of them, I took some of them. The first album from her camera is on the lower right corner of the first page of the gallery, and the rest are on the second page of the gallery.

If you want to jump forward to the photos of the mysterious kitsune shrine, you can find it right here. From reading in The Fox and the Jewel, I suspect it's an Inari shrine, but Inari is sort of the one-size-fits-all of deities, worshipped under many different names, with many different responsibilities, and in many, many different ways. So there's no telling aobut this one - to find out more about it, we'd have to find someone who actually worshipped here and ask them. But that mysterious door in the back of the shrine is still driving me insane...
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[ profile] rachelmanija mailed the SD cards from her camera to me, since I bought the card reader, and I've just pulled the pictures off. Expect pictures of the kitsune shrine we found in Kyoto sometime tonight! :D
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I've got the last photos from my camera before it finally quit working entirely processed and posted:

It's the last two albums, the Inari Shrine in Kyoto and Kyoto and Temples.

[ profile] rachelmanija is going to mail me the SD cards from her digital camera, and once I get them I'll download them with my SD card reader and post them, but it'll probably be a week or so before that happens. So you'll have to wait to see photos of the fox shrine we found until then. :D
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One more album before I give up for the day - this is the set of photos from Magome, before my camera crashed and burned.

I'll get around to the Kyoto ones later, but I've spent too long adjusting photo sizes now and need to do something - anything! - else for a while.
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Next album up - the non-residential temples at Koyasan.

After this, my camera started screwing up, so there should be far fewer pictures from here on out. :D
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And even more Japan photos - just uploaded photos from the Okunoin cemetery in Koyasan:

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