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Got home from the grocery store, and as we were taking stuff out of the trunk, we heard the hooting, fairly close. Looking around, we spotted a large shape on the roof of the two-story house catty-corner from ours. After we put the groceries up, I got the binoculars and went back outside to double-check, in case wer were just seeing a chimney that we didn't remember in the gloom of the evening. It did look rather owl-like, given that it's dark out there and there was only a small gleam of light from a wayward yard light resting upon the shape. And then it hooted again and turned around to face the other way, and I never heard of a chimney doing that, so I declared it was the owl. Woo!

Alas, it's way way too dark for me to use any of my photographic equipment to capture it, so you shall just have to trust me.


Nov. 5th, 2010 12:35 pm
telophase: (Angus the Angry Owl)

(As they're all banded, I assume they're from a wildlife center, or are a batch being tagged before being released back into the wild, as opposed to illegally caught and aimed for the pet or traditional medicine markets.)

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