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THe other day I ran across an OpenCanvas 4.x tutorial that, in the course of it, says after laying down a basic cel shading, to soften the edges by selecting the darker shade and dragging it into the lighter, then selecting the lighter and dragging it into the darker.

My question is: is this some sort of funky blend thing that OC does (and with what tools?), or is it just a badly-worded description of using the eyedropper to pick up the dark color and work it into the lighter, and vice versa? And if it's the latter, what tool is she most likely using that softens and blends that way? I'll see if I can track down the tutorial again, but if I can't, then you guys are my only hope! :)

(And to anyone who suggests I read the manual: there is none. The English version of the latest incarnation of OC does not yet have a translation of the manual, and judging by the translation quality in their email, it wouldn't be that useful anyway.)

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