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OK, like a TOTAL DIMWIT I didn't realise the [ profile] yuletide Author's Notes would be posted before the story, instead of after, so I have quite effectively ruined my own story by having an enormous bunch of nattering on historical sources and whatnot. I'm asking the mods to remove that and replace it with a link here, so hopefully they'll be able to do that. :) Yay! Problem solved! Notes here anyway, for your own edification.

And oh yes, [ profile] yuletide author reveals for 2007 have happened, and my story was for [ profile] edonohana, in the Onmyoji fandom, and titled "Matsu--"

You do not need to know the canon to read it. It's set in Heian Japan, Seimei is an onmyouji (a court magician) and Hiromasa is his perpetually-befuddled courtier friend, and they solve supernatural mysteries.

Many thanks to [ profile] keelieinblack for the beta!

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