Sep. 14th, 2009 10:18 am
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...the live-action version of Mushishi is now available in English, under the unfortunate title of Bugmaster.

*throws on Netflix queue*
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I got three stories! All Mushishi, to boot! And all wonderful! :D They all captured the atmosphere of the stories and anime, which is what I love about it (and also makes me afraid my feedback is all the same, even though I tried to write something different for each one XD).

Marginalia - The one from my Yuletide Santa, and the longest of the three. I expect the author read my list of Cool Bits and incorporated some of them, because it feels like it was written just for me. (Gosh, who'd have thought? XD)

The Greatest May Appear The Least - the first Treat, and a mid-size story. Focused on Ginko and capturing his scientist's eye perfectly while at the same time preserving that sense of wonder that permeates the original.

Fearless - A perfect little Treat. A bite-size story with far-reaching implications.

Writers, thank you all! (And f-listers - go read them!)
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I've been working on Spindrift for five days solid without a break, so when I came to a temporary stopping point, I decided to work on something else, otherwise I would go INSANE.

It's not finished or anything, and will probably be done as a pencil piece or something, but it's a start.

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