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Did I post about this Kickstarter already (too lazy to go and look)? MST3K new season Kickstarter. Toby was indulging me in my desire to see new MST3K and my insistence on getting the $85 level so we could get digital downloads of all the new season when they're made (2017 release date), and on my forwarding all the Kickstarter updates that Joel sends out, and then I told him at lunch today that they're going to cast Patton Oswalt as one of the new Mads, TV's Son of TV's Frank, and he was all ALL RIGHT I'M IN WHERE DO I SEND MY MONEY?

They're on track to hit $3.3 mil by the end of today, which guarantees six new episodes, and given that Kickstarters usually get the most pledges in the last few days of their campaigns, I expect that they'll hit the $5.5M required for a 12-episode season.

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