Jan. 27th, 2009 10:44 pm
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I am falling behind in the polls! Plz click through the banner below to visit my MangaBullet page. I haven't the slightest idea if they're counting unique IPs or just click-throughs. :D It would also help me if you happened to feel like making a MangaBullet account after clicking through. What are the advantages of that? Well, it's one more set of username and password to remember! Yet another page to update periodically! Another site full of derivative anime fanart! (And, to be honest, some really nice stuff.) Er, not so enticing, huh? Well, you can commission me for art and kanzashi through their system and (a) not have to calculate my commission algorithm yourself and (b) since you pay in advance and the $$ is deposited with MB, I am thus aware that you have already paid and feel significantly more guilty about it and get to it faster.

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Do me a favor and click on the banner below? It takes you to my MangaBullet page and does nothing else.* I think. I'm not entirely sure if the Top Recruiters list they have is currently counting visits or people who make MB accounts after clicking through someone's banner.

* Mind you, if you want to make your own MangaBullet page and do so after clicking through, I possibly get prizes.

ETA: Yup, the Top Recruiters List currently shows all click-throughs and not just those who make accounts, as I jumped to the top within about ten minutes. Keep a-clickin'! XD

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