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Because [personal profile] rachelmanija demanded "pics or it didn't happen!" when I posted about Sam's bitchin' moves to Frodo's Disco Phial in the LEGO Lord of the Rings game, here's some video!

First Sam, then a random orc, then Aragorn in kingly guise: (Yes, the orc attacks Frodo as soon as the phial is put away. And yes: Sam's primary weapon is a frying pan.)

And now Haldir in Lothlorien:

And finally Gimli and Gandalf in Minas Tirith:
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So Toby's playing Lego LotR. Naturally when he saw the opportunity to craft a thing called Mithril Disco Phial, he did so and equipped Frodo with it ASAP.

Well, now. Gotta say, Sam has some moves on him.
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OKAY it's one long vuvuzela joke. I LAUGHED

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