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So yesterday as we were wandering around The Great Indoors waiting for our salesman to be free so we could buy a range from him, we got to looking at the various appliances on display to pass the time. After we exhausted the possibilities inherent in the pro-level ranges and stovetops, we poked our way through the dishwashers and ended up at the fridges (alas, little suspecting we'd be getting a new one soon, or we'd have looked more seriously!).

And then we found it: the ultimate in modern food-cooling technology.

It is enabled for wifi.

I present to you...The Twitter Fridge )
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One of my neighbors has an unsecure wireless network, so I am piggybacking on it right now. Being somewhat paranoid, I have also set up an SSH tunnel through which I am viewing the web and logging in to places. Presumably whoever's got the unsecure network is just clueless and not setting up traps, but YOU NEVER KNOW.

You don't need to post the relevant xkcd strips: I've already seen them.

And now I'm going to log off without saying anything of substance, because all I really wanted to say was: I am on the INTERNET in my BEDROOM with NO WIRES. (That, and my original plan was to look at relevant sites to work more on the Bleach fic simmering in my brain, but the current problem seems to be that I haven't found the voice with which to tell it yet. Which is a bit odd, considering the structure it has to be in. WHINE. SOMEONE MAGICALLY TELL ME THE ANSWER.)

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