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After only two hours of swearing and frustration and a phone call to the boy* who stepped me through until we found some strange little thing that made no sense whatsoever wrong** and fixed it, I now have a wireless router set up, so I can sit on the couch or my bed and read email without piggybacking on my neighbor's connection. And mine's nicely passworded, so I can't return the favor. :D (plus, I surely do not want my neighbors running BitTorrent on it and getting my account shut down again.)

For Christmas I got a new computer. In potentia, at least: I got the money for it, so now I need to really decide which of the many options that were suggested to me I'm going to take. I'm still leaning towards building one, since that worked really well for me the first time.

I've already decided the important part, of course: what I'm going to name it. Since the slow-and-stupid workhorse laptop is Kenpachi and the iPod is Yachiru, when I needed to name the 2000 box, it was rugged and beat-up enough to become Madarame - god only knows why I chose that instead of his first name - therefore the shiny new pretty box is obviously going to be Yumichika. Or Ayasegawa, if I pick his last name. (And the network is the Gotei 13, while the workgroup is Division 11. Themed all the way.)


* Always date someone who used to work tech support. It saves time and money.

** Problems with DNS stuff. I have too much rage and adrenaline running through my system to actually understand what he explained to me about it, but it works now.
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...and the cat is very happy and much more talky than usual. David Sedaris was funny, and he read all new material, which I wasn't expecting, so that was quite a bonus. The Shaolin Warriors were martial artsy, of course. Not that I hadn't seen those sorts of moves before, but it was nice to see them live so you knew for sure that there weren't any camera tricks or wire work.
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And I hope against all hope that the final panel in this week's Bleach is true and not a hallucination or Ichigo's inner representation of his strength (which has happened before) or something, because currently it almost redeems the ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that has been happening for months now.
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a) drove to Houston to visit the boy, taking off early Friday because of the forecast of dire stormage all the way. The drive was sunny and hot.

b) watched Spamalot. Thanks to a review by [ profile] theferrett, I knew there wasn't a significant amount of new material, mostly recycled Monty Python, but there are far worse things in this world than recycled Monty Python.

c) discovered [ profile] isancho and his wife sitting in the seats directly behind us in the theatre. I am not surprised they were at the show, but that they were at that matinee and that they were directly behind us.

d) finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3, at the Alamo Drafthouse, so the food was good even if the movie was stupid-but-watchable (Chow Yun Fat deserved a better part).

e) as a consequence of the Short Person's Curse (sitting behind a tall person with a fat head) at Spamalot, sitting wonky for three hours, and then due to the typical uncomfortable movie theatre seats, sitting wonky for three more hours at PotC3, Sunday morning had Serious Back Issue, with a muscle that had never had a problem before, to the point of being rather worried I wouldn't be able to drive home for a few days. But serious application of massive amounts of Advil and icepacks reduced it to a dull ache. It's in my mid-to-upper back, below my left shoulderblade and off to the side, and is one of the muscles seriously involved in breathing, which was extremely painful for a while Sunday morning. Now I only feel it if I breathe deeply or sit without back support for a while.

f) discovered I am dating the Antichrist.

g) overnighted Sunday night with my mother and her cat, as I didn't want to face the full five-hour-drive home from Houston in one go, with the dire stormage predicted all the way. the Sunday drive to College Station and the Monday drive to For Worth were ... sunny and hot all the way.

h) got home Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening backing up and restoring my iPod, which has been acting funky for the past few months (if I went to the Podcasts playlist and played a podcast and backed out of that playlist, the iPod crashed. If I played a podcast and let it finish by itself and go to the menu, it was fine. Go fig).

i) had a dream Tuesday morning that presented me with three bishounen with angsty anime backstories and colored hair.

what, you want context for something above? Fine. The boy, last week, managed to lose a fight with a car door, which put a mostly-horizontal slice into his forehead, and then lost a fight with ... I think a cabinet or desk drawer or something, the result of which was a mostly-vertical slice into his forehead at exact right angles to, crossing, and re-opening the first. As a result of which, he has a perfect inverted cross branded into his forehead at the moment. Maybe I'll start calling him Damian.
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I am very tired, and not paying too much attention to the TV. As a result, I misheard "patent infringement" on an ad as "patented Frenchmen" and spent a dizzy couple of seconds wondering how someone could be a victim of patented Frenchmen.

In other words, I'm still stuck on Oceangram. And because I am not very creative tonight, I am looking up poetry and sending it off into the ether. If you get one (an infinitesimal chance, I know), let me know!
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Big nasty bruise today! I'm warnin' ya!

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Don't click on the cut unless you want to see my bruised-up, possibly broken toe. :D

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1) Taken my car in for an intermittent problem with the Service Engine light going off, which happened on a regular basis right after I filled the tank, and when the tank was nearly empty, whichw as cured by going out and fiddling with the gas cap which led both me and the servicepeople to think it was either a sensor gone wrong or a vapor leak, which would have set the sensor off but not caused any other problems. Turns out, to all of our surprises, to have been an ignition switch malfunction that wasn't affecting anything but the security system that makes it lock up with someone tries to hotwire it. And it was covered under warranty. The scheduled maintenance that I had them also do wasn't, naturally.

2) Failed to work from home. I got in for about an hour or so, and then it froze and the connection dropped and I couldn't reconnect after that. I'm wondering if my computer at work rebooted or something, but by the time that possibilty occurred to me it was too late to bother emailing my coworker and asking him to pop his head around the corner of my cube and see if it was on.

3) Burned DVD backups from my computer, cleaned off a ton of files, ran checkdisk and defragged it. All of which were desperately overdue.

4) Took a nap while the checkdisk was happening. :)

5) And last but by far not the least, have potentially broken a toe by slamming it into the cat's scratching post. I've broken a toe before - right foot second toe - and this one - left foot, third toe - didn't hurt as badly at first so I figured it was just bruised, but the pain hasn't gotten any less and it's developed some swelling and spectacular bruising. The pain, like my previously broken toe after the first couple of days, is primarily when I manage to put excess weight on it, but otherwise it's not affecting me badly other than causing me to phone my mother and whine, so I'm not going to bother the doctor about it unless it gets worse. All they can do is X-ray it, tape it to the toes next to it, get me a hard shoe, and give me pain drugs for the pain that isn't actually bad. The doctor, last time, couldn't believe that I wasn't bothering to take the Vicoprofen he'd given me except at night, but I couldn't drive after taking it, and otherwise it didn't hurt except when I put weight on it wrong, so why bother?

But it gives me license to whine to people about it and limp terribly when I think they're looking at me, like our dog did when I was growing up. If you removed a burr or a fire ant from between her paw pads, after a couple of minutes she'd be fine and walk normally, except when she thought you were looking at her, whereupon she'd start to limp in a hysterically exagerrated manner. :D

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