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Went by the apartment complex today and put down the deposit. They had three apartments they were willing to hold 'til June, and I picked one at the far end of the complex (less traffic), that was a corner unit (fewer neighbors). And it appears to have a door that reads EXIT right next to it, instead of another apartment, so I may actually have no neighbors on either side. And before you say "But what about traffic up and down those stairs?" - there is no parking on the side of the building the stairs go to, only entrances to garages. There shouldn't be any regular traffic there.

Being a corner unit, there are windows on two sides of my living room, and I have an uninspiring view of a bunch of leafless trees and a warehouse some distance away. In the spring and summer, however, the warehouse should be hidden from view.

I took a few photos, and a few measurements, and spent some time attempting to make the floorplan make sense according to the few measurements I took. I was not especially successful, but the general idea is there, and it's close enough to play Let's Design [ profile] telophase's Apartment!

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