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May. 3rd, 2012 01:28 pm
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Went to teh doc this morning for follow-up on my knee. Cut for health talk, including mention of weight (if you're triggered, don't go there).

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You know what the most annoying part of this knee injury is? Taking the elevator up and down one flight of stairs. The doctor didn't take me off *all* stairs, but I've figured out that if I do stairs in the afternoon, when my knee starts hurting more, they're No Fun At All. But I feel all Western and decadent for doing it, especially since there's nothing wrong with me to the naked eye.

So I tend to exaggerate my limp and lurch on and off the elevator in case anyone's looking. XD Probably looks really odd if they've just seen me coming down the hall, and makes me feel like the dog we had growing up after she stepped on burrs. She'd limp if anyone was looking at her, but if she didn't think anyone was, she'd walk normally.

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