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...before I close down and go to bed. I've played a LOT of Kingdom Hearts II this weekend. XD I'm now in the final group of boss fights, having cleared all the other worlds, and I'm afraid I've burned out on it. XD I'll have to force myself to finish it up, just to finish it. And then I've got Okami to finish, and Final Fantasy X to start.

KHII is easier than KHI, but it's even easier than it was before. Now that I've got a better controller. :) I played the first half on the wonky controller, and things are so much easier now. I thought I was jsut a horrible video game player. :D I'm still not totally coordinated - [ profile] myrialux took the controls from me to do a task in Okami that involved pushing a sphere up an incline because it was painfully obvious that I was incapable of doing that in less than a glacial age - but I'm not as awful as I *thought* I was.

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