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OK, so the Big Bad Guy for KHI was Ansem, He of the Stupid Tricorn Hairdo. He's kindasorta the bad guy in KHII (believe me when I say it's a bit complicated), and at one point you-as-Sora break into his old study and see a portrait of him on the wall, with his three-cornered hair artistically dishevelled in a properly Byronesque way. Unfortunately, it resembles nothing so much as a dead heron. )

Which inevitably leads to ... a poll!

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Jan. 13th, 2007 09:11 pm
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Gah. Is it a rule that you have to have at least one world in every game whose every surface is COMPLETELY MIGRAINE-INDUCING?!

No migraine has appeared yet, but Tron is seriously not helping my current minor headache.
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I've mostly been playing KHII all day, since it's icy outside. Bit the bullet and started the Atlantica part and OMG YOU GUYS WERE NOT KIDDING when you said it was lame. AAAAAUUUUUGGHH!! At any rate, I have to come back after I get Magnet.

I finished Port Royal and Agrabah and did the first cup at the Underdrome, and went back to Twilight Town*, and now Hollow Bastion's all dark and ominous and I'm about to go back there.

I think I really need a KH icon.

* Do I get a chance to go back to the place where the kids did the "research" for their homework? 'Cause I, like, totally missed several chests there when I was there before.


Jan. 12th, 2007 11:08 pm
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OK, farther into KHII right now. Still too much plot. Have just gotten to the Pirates of the Caribbean section and the "realistic" people are FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT.

I also have weird qualms about the rushing around and opening chests (well, except for this pirate scenario when stealing is the in thing to do) especially if the owner is with me. I mean - in the Beast's castle, the Beast joins the party and wants to go rescue Belle rightwaythisveryminutenow, and I have to say: Hold on a second, dude, let me go LOOT your CASTLE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU while your girlfriend is KIDNAPPED BY HEARTLESS. There's just something not right about that.
cut for bitching about women, and KHII spoilery stuff that's only spoilery if you haven't seen the Disney movies, because they attempt to follow the damn plot of every damn movie referenced in the game, and a couple of KHI spoilers )

But I kind of liked the section where they got thrown into the past and ended up looking like early Disney B&W characters. XD
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I've got about four hours of gameplay in on this game so far, and my opinion is that there is TOO MUCH FUCKING PLOT and NOT ENOUGH MONSTERBASHING so far.


Jan. 6th, 2007 11:40 pm
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For I have beaten Kingdom Hearts. Although not Sephiroth. I saved him in another slot so I could go back and fight him at lesiure, because I wanted to finish the damn thing already.

And it only took me ..... a hundred and six hours and forty-five minutes.

Hey, it's the first videogame of this sort I've ever played.

I think I may now put in KHII...


Jan. 6th, 2007 06:40 pm
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So far, Sephiroth has handed my ass to me on a platter twice. I think my problem is that my lousy TV has the sound balance off so I can't hear him saying "Descend Heartless Angel"* in time to get the hell away from him.

Mind you, I'm mostly distracted because it uses the same music as FFVII, which means I am now singing THIS during the fight, which is not good for the concentration and probably just pisses Sephiroth off.

* yes, I know it's slightly garbled and fairly quick - on the bright side, I can't actually ID Lance Bass as his voice, so I don't get distracted by going "Lance Bass?!"
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Finally, finally, finally got the last two Mystery Goos that I'd been hunting for HOURS, and the Ultima Keyblade is mine!

Now to the Hades Cup, and Sephiroth.


Dec. 20th, 2006 10:33 pm
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Honestly, is there a trick to the Glide ability in Kingdom Hearts? All the walkthroughs talk about the various things you can reach now that you've got the Glide ability, but I can't ever get Sora to do it. That last chest in the Lotus Room in Wonderland? Can't get it. The chest on the hedge at the Mad Tea Party? Can't get it. The ledge to get to the top of the pillar in the room off teh Entrance Hall in the Hollow Bastion? Can't get it. AARG.
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Just a note to all of you helping me with teh KH problem in the previous post - I found it. I'm farther along than Monstro, having finished the boss fights in him before I did Atlantica or Halloween Town. I've managed to get picked up on Captain Hook's ship now - the problem was that I had to warp to Atlantica, and then travel to that nameless new world (i.e. I expect it'll be Hollow Bastion when I finally get there) and get picked up by Hook on the way. I was getting thrown by the fact that the Neverland world appeared on the world-map thing over to the left of Traverse Town, which obviously means "fly around somewhere else until it automagically appears and picks you up." *twitch*

And now I can start hating Peter Pan! I already hate Cloud, Yuffie, Leon, Tarzan, the entire world of Atlantica, and every mushroom or fungus-shaped thing in the entire game. As well as the entire Monstro level, because the PINK AND PURPLE PULSATING SHAPES EVERYWHERE made me want to throw up the entire time I was playing that area - and that is not an exaggeration, because remember how much I complained about the game making me seasick earlier? Yup. But I can tell right now that I'm going to hate Peter Pan. I've put him into my party because, frankly, once Donald's blown his magical wad, he's nothing but a duck with a stick.

I started out hating Riku and Kairi, so I'm not really that into rescuing Kairi. I just want to get this game OVER WITH.

Anyway, thank you for all your help. I shall probably be bitching and in need of more soon. :D

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