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I have my LJ notifications sent to my Gmail account, and the Google Ads on the side pick up keywords from the notifications to serve me ads. After yesterday, when a short email exchange about Sasquatch with a friend produced three ads for scientific analysis instruments and one for Bigfoot rental costumes, and then an Lj conversation that invovled the words manga, princess, bishounen, and boyfriend produced a bunch of Naruto swag ads, I started wondering what sort of ads people could produce with strange keywords

I'm turning commenting off on this post and directing you to the next post for responding - I don't want to bollix up the keyword-choosing algorithm with all this text.

So have at it - comment with whatever you want, putting in as many odd keywords as you want. The only thing I ask is that you put a title on your comment so that Gmail doesn't thread it together with the other comment notifications and mix the keywords. :)

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