Aug. 16th, 2006 01:51 pm
telophase: (Mello - bite my ass)
Someone on the Tpop website posted the Huge Honking Spoiler from Fruits Basket in the title of their blog post and in the second sentence (the first couple of lines get posted along with the title), so that if you're skimming the blog posts on the new page you can't help but see it in GIANT RED LETTERS. All indications are that the person isn't doing it deliberately, because they are honestly amazed and curious about the spoiler.

Someone get me a modstick, dammit! I need to administer a beatdown!

The only reason that I'm not more pissed off is that I already knew the spoiler, from discussion on fandom_wank last year when it first came out. If I hadn't known, I would have been significantly less civil in my comment (I called the post thoughtless and suggested she edit the post so that the spoiler isn't in the title and second sentence. I might have been tempted to use the words SELF-ABSORBED BLITHERING FUCKHEAD OF AN IDIOT if I hadn't already known).

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