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Had the internet tech come over yesterday and finally determine that the problem with my wireless network is my wireless router, and the reason that my ethernet switch wasn't working is that IT HATES ME and loves the tech and worked perfectly for him. :P

The plan was for me to head to Fry's and get a new router today, but that plan was sidelined at 2:30 this morning when I woke up with a hell of a migraine. I had enough intelligence left to actually take my meds at that point* and by 4:30 it quieted down enough for me to go back to sleep until 9. Not feeling up to decision, so I went to the bookstore, picked up some caffeine and emergency chocolate, and am now spending a quiet day at home, as there's still a bit of pressure in my head that feels like it might blossom into pain if I overdo it.

OTOH, I picked up Snoop: WHat Your Stuff Says About You by Sam Gosling, a prof at UT Austin in psychology. I caught an interview with him on a podcast recently, and the book sounded fascinating. It seems obvious that of course what you choose to surround yourself with tells other people about you, but apparently there's a lot of things that we THINK we can tell that we actually can't, and vice versa. Looking forward to reading this. :D

* Migraines really do have an impact on your thinking skills and I usually spend a few hours dithering over whether it's *really* a migraine and do I want to take the migraine drugs or just mainline Advil, and by the time I take the drugs it's too late for them to have much effect so I end up suffering. Gah.

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