Jan. 14th, 2013 09:17 am
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As I voted in the Hugo Awards last year, I've got the ability to nominate for this year. So here's your chance to bring stuff to my attention: what books/authors/TV shows/movies do you think I should nominate? You can find categories, eligibility, etc. here


Jun. 26th, 2012 12:25 pm
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So I am a supporting member of Worldcon/the Hugos this year, which means I get to vote on them! So ... while I'm busy reading the various works in the digital voter's packet and elsewhere, here's your chance to tell me which works you think should get/works you're voting for the Hugo this year.

List of nominees
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Last week, I broke down and got the Hugo Voter Packet after John Scalzi mentioned it on his blog. It contains electronic copies of all the fiction works in the four major categories (Best Novel, Novelette, Novella, and Short Story), Best Related Work, Best Graphic Story, and excerpts and samples of much of the rest of the categories (minus, naturally, Best Dramatic Presentation), all for the price of a supporting membership to AussieCon 2010 (worked out to $65 and change in 'Murrican money and not them funny Aussie dollars). (Which means I'm not going to attend, but I'm eligible to vote on the Hugos.)

So far I've read Hope-in-the-Mist, a biography of Hope Mirrlees, the author of Lud-in-the-Mist, a seminal work of fantasy that seems to have inspired enough fantasy authors that when I finally got my hands on a copy and read it, it was an anticlimax because I'd heard it hyped up too much. :) I've also gotten partway through The Inter-Galactic Playground: A Critical Study of Children’s and Teens’ Science Fiction, and my reactions are, at the moment, mixed, and I can't really put a finger on why.

The Kindle is getting a workout - [ profile] sleary pointed to calibre, a free ebook converter which allowed me to put everything on the Kindle even the on that came with DRM on it, although I had to do something else first ;). Formatting's a bit messed up, but nothing's perfect and as I've got Adobe Acrobat Pro and Word, I suspect I could have fixed a lot of the formatting issues if I cared to.

Anyway! Go! Look at the list of nominees and tell me what I should read next and why! :)

(Also, I am now eligible to nominate for next year's Hugos, so if there's a book published this year that you think deserves a nod, let me know and I'll consider getting hold of it and reading it. :)

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