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Something reminded me of this today, and I don't remember if I've told the story here or not. If I have, well, it's a good one anyway. :)

See, my husband [ profile] myrialux is a Harry Potter fanboy. He doesn't read fic or anything, but Jim Dale's audiobook renditions of the series are his favorite comfort listens reads.

Which means that he is the proud possessor of a Very Nearly Goldtm trophy for winning a Harry Potter trivia contest against several children and a fanfic writer.
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Toby got Lego Harry Potter for the XBox for Christmas, and has spent his free time lately blowing through it. At one point after he'd finished the plot and was in free play collecting stuff Lucius Malfoy was one of his active characters, and the game glitched a little and Malfoy Sr. got stuck gesturing with his wand in a rather unfortunate manner.

My inner 12 year old boy found it hilarious.

Also as a librarian I find this bit hilarious: Malfoy Senior training for the Ref Desk 500.

ETA: Also, as soon as Toby got the game token that allows you to change wands into carrots, he implemented it and has spent hours wandering around the game world toting a large magic-producing carrot.
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Consider this your post for spoilery discussion of HBP, if you wanna. :D

(On phone with Mom at the mo... will post more in a moment)

Off the phone now and ready to talk spoilers. Er, a wee bit, at least. )

ETA And I think I shall change the subtitle on my journal to "Roonil Wazlib" for the duration, in honor of the book. XD

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