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...tell me a ghost story.
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In case you haven't been checking back, yesterday's post about ghost stories has garnered quite a few. Plus I've added another one, which I'd forgotten about until [ profile] bpggle reminded me of it. XD
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On an amusing note, when I searched Google Images for "mello's fabulous ass," the first two pictures were my current default icon of Mello staring upwards in horror, and my icon of L saying "I'm not wearing any pants."

And in other news: tell me ghost stories! Stories, anecdotes, weird little unexplained things that happened to you, someone in your family, a friend, some chick you knew in highschool, that sort of thing. Entertain me!

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Apr. 2nd, 2006 08:06 pm
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Have got 1.5 pages of Project Blue Rose done today. Not happy about that - should be far more. Grocery store has been gone to.

Lights need to be turned on, as TV and computer are providing 99% of the illumination in this room. Laundry needs to be started, so am not forced to call into work naked tomorrow. Dinner needs to be made, which means kitchen nees to be cleaned as there is almost no counter space left to use.

But I think the cat needs to be scritched first. If only she can be found.

Pronouns missing. Send help.


I've been watching Most Haunted on the Travel Channel, which purports to be an investigation into haunted sites, but is really a bunch of suggestible people wandering around with night-vision cameras freaking themselves out. They're on the Queen Mary tonight, and are doing a really good job of freaking themselves out. (Gosh! Strange noises? On a ship? The horror! A walkie-talkie? Broadcasting static when no one is touching it? Gosh, that never happens!)

So: Tell me ghost stories and weird things that have happened to you or people you know! I'm a skeptic through and through, but I love reading ghost-and-weird-stuff stories. :D

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