Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:48 am
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Bento box and accessory sale! Right this way!
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As the gift-giving season is drawing upon us, I have a post right over here where you can list anything that you've made and got for sale (books, crafts, art, etc.) so that others may peruse it at will. Feel free to link to it and encourage others to post!

(Original idea totally stolen from [ profile] sartorias, who is too modest to push her own books, so I'll do it for her.)
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I'm stealing an idea from [ profile] sartorias last year, because I know I have a lot of creative people 'round here who write, do art, make sock monkeys (more than one!), etc., and hey! there's gift-giving seasons coming up, and a lot of people who like to give creative, unique, or otherwise hand-made gifts.

So ... if you make or produce something for sale in some way and would like to post it here in the comments, please go ahead! (Er, if I get around to it, I'll concatenate them into a nice organized listing. Don't hold your breath.) Prints, photos, commissions, jewelry, sock monkeys, keychains, comics, books*, costumes, whatever! Have fun!

* If you're a published author of any ilk, feel free to post!

ETA: And since I stole the idea from [ profile] sartorias, I'll just point out that she is also an author with books you may wish to consider.
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I have a leather coat/jacket that is now way too big for me that needs a good home. HOWEVER (a) I have no idea how much to ask for it and (b) the sleeves have been altered because I are short. It could technically be altered back because the sleeves were just folded under instead of being cut, but there will probably be a line of wear around the sleeves at the point.

It's originally from Avenue, a bit A-line, I think, with no belt or anything like that. I can't find a picture on their site, but I can try to take one tonight if anyone's interested. Buttons up the front,* size 30/32, and I'm 5'2", for sleeve-length reference. :D The sleeves are cut a *little* long to cover anything I wore under it, but still anyone much taller than me is going to have their wrists sticking out of it. Fairly long - hits me a few inches above the knee. Lined, and the lining is in good shape (unlike my current leather jacket where the lining is tearing itself out in strips but I don't care because I love it).

I forgot the original price, which I think was $180-200, but I got it on sale for closer to $120. I'm not looking to make back the money, but I didn't really want to just donate it to Goodwill, either. :)

So - if you're interested, make an offer, and if you want a photo let me know and I'll take some when I get home from work.

* Er, I think it buttons, instead of zips. I probably should have written this up at home,w here it is, instead of work, where it's not, but I'd never remember to do it at home. :D

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