Nov. 8th, 2005 11:12 pm
telophase: (Mello - fear & loathing)
So my grocery store has just started carrying this wine label called Sideshow. With that name, how could I not buy a bottle? I got a red called Puppetmaster - it's a mix of Syriah and Malbec wines, apparently. I was industriously trying to get the paperish wrapping off the top so I could get to the cork when it finally hit me that it wasn't paperish wrapping, it was aluminum and the fucker had a screw cap. Erm. I got a bit nervous at that point. Anyway, opened it, poured a glass, and it was pretty harsh.

However, after a while - I sat back at the computer and sat the glass next to me and forgot it - I tried it again and after it had warmed up and breathed for a while, the harsh bitter notes went away and it mellowed into a nice, lightly fruity red. Phew. So, for $8.99, I don't have to pick chunks of cork out of my glass or worry about splashing it everywhere when I finally pop the cork out (because I lack the gene for opening wine bottles), and it's a reaosnably drinkable fairly cheap wine. So when I drink my usual two glasses and then forget the half-open bottle for months, I don't lament the cost.

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