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I just made my lunch for tomorrow - 2/3 of a can of blackeyed peas*, and the two smaller containers of the bento filled with carrot chips and cucumbers. I put it into CalorieKing tonight and it was a whopping 250 calories total. That keeps looking too small to me. XD But I'll be grabbing something as per usual about 2:30-3:00 from the Bistro downstairs, because it doesn't matter how much I eat at noon, I'm starving by the middle of the afternoon. Diving my meals up into several small ones over the course of the day works a lot better for me. Of course on the days that lunch is 250ish cal, like it was on Wednesday, it's damn hard to make up the rest in the evening. Ah well.

* Which must be using liquid weight instead of dry weight for their measurements - they say on the can that 1/2 c is a serving, and that there's "about" 3.5 servings in the can. Well, if you assume that "about" means "nowhere near," then yes: there were exactly 3 1/2 cup servings in there.

Mind you I just realized I drained out the water first, so they must be counting that into their servings.

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