Jul. 8th, 2007 09:24 pm
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All right, so I'm caught up on Bleach. Rec me fics! I don't quite grok the fic world's obsession with pairings, so I don't care one way or the other about who's doing what to who so long as it's well-written and beliveable within the context of the story.

I tend to prefer humor to angst, but again: good writing triumphs. :)

I've read a number of [ profile] incandescens' fics since [ profile] ursulav recced the hilarious (and basically nonspoilery, for those of you who haven't read it) The Case of the Thirteen Captains, so you don't need to alert me to her presence. :)

You can rec teh pr0n too, if the writing's good, just warn me so I don't go read it on a break at work. :)
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Now that I've finished both the series and the movie of Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm ready for FMA fic. Bring it on! But only the REALLY GOOD STUFF.

Remember, I don't give a damn about pairings, and I dislike introspective nazel-gazing stuff that's basically an extended emo character study although most fanfic writers and readers seem not to share this. I like stuff that manages to nail character without being emo about it, and tend to eye AU fic suspiciously. Funny is a bonus, as is plot that doesn't focus solely on romantic relationships if I wanted to read a romance novel, I would be reading a romance novel.

And now I go to bed and await your recs with anticipation.
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This is sparked by a comment I made on [ profile] sophia_helix's recent slash poll, which I'll just repeat here:
What I really prefer for the most part is fic that is not primarily about romantic/sexual relationships between people, which seems to be a radical idea. *My* attitude is: if I wanted to read a romance novel, I'd be reading a damn romance novel. What I want is adventure, or suspense, or intrigue, or mystery, or humor, or ... etc., etc., etc. What 99% of the fic out there does is focus on the relationships between characters or on the bits of the characters that are formed by relationships or lack of them, and pushes the plot of the piece into the background, using it as an excuse to get the characters to examine or actively avoid examining their relationships.

*mournful cry into the wind* Whatever happened to plot?!

So ... your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to: rec me fic that isn't about relationships. I want plot! Give me action! Mystery! Humor! If there's some romance in it, fine, but I don't want it to be about the romance! Slash, femslash, het, gen, I don't care!

And lots of navel-gazing introspection is right out. I am not a fan of navel-gazing introspection, honestly. I want to have to tease it out, like in the manga Saiyuki, not have their thought processes laid out bare for me.

What, you want fandoms? I'll edit this post in a couple of minutes and list fandoms I could possibly scrape up enough knowledge about to read, but I've got to run up to the Ref desk at the moment.
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