Sep. 26th, 2013 09:01 am
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Remember the Japanese novel(la, really) I helped localize months ago? Finally got paid for it*, and it earned out my advance! I have actual royalties! I have...Read more... )

* The length of time is not unusual. I'm not going into the details right now.


Apr. 26th, 2013 08:30 pm
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The novel I edited is this week's feature in the eManga newsletter! The ebook version is available in the eManga store here in pretty much whatever format you want (I have no idea if it's got DRM). It's yaoi, 18+ (I'd call it the equivalent of a category romance bodice-ripper). While I encourage you to buy it and thus get me started on earning out my advance, if you're not familiar with yaoi tropes and don't know if you want to bite, I encourage you to email me and ask about it. :) (telophase14 (at) gmail)

There's also an online free preview of the first couple of pages that goes all the way through the bit that directly references American Psycho and also shows how all the men in this are way more cognizant of the clothing that the others are wearing than any man I've ever met in real life.

(Did I really use the word "chuckled"? I hate the word. Why did I use it?)


Jan. 11th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Novel(ette) final rewritten form done and uploaded to the DMG! Let's hope they don't think it sucks!
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Second editing pass through book: FINISHED!

Now I just have to spend Friday night and Saturday messing with the formatting, exporting it to Word format, and running a spell check on it* and then submitting it to the DMG. *phew*

* I've been doing that manually all the way through twice now, this will be just to check for anything that missed my eyes and the little red squiggles Scrivener puts under words it doesn't recognize.


Dec. 20th, 2012 04:24 pm
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36308 / 36308

OK, so that's just the first draft: I'm going through it at least once more, and have a few outstanding questions to the translator about a few things, but I'm no longer going ZOMG SO BEHIND! I can actually enjoy the holidays! (Plus, DMG said it's OK to be a week or so late with it, due to the holidays.)

Anyway, to work on the very nearly monthly ConDFW newsletter now.
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People fluent enough in Japanese to do web searches in it: does the author Siira Gou have a currently-live website? The one listed in the book I'm doing is dead and gone. This is a book on Amazon by the same author so you can attempt to make out the characters that form her name, although it's not the book I'm working on.
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Japanese speakers: etymology question. This in regard to the novel(lette) I'm editing.*

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Tonight's wordcount:

17689 / 36957
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A bit farther along in editing:

12917 / 37123
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Just to give myself a rough idea of how far along I am in the first draft of editing the raw translation of this book:

9967 / 38139 (26.13%)

It's not a particularly long book. :) More of a novelette or a novella, in fact. The target wordcount there is the number of words in the raw translation, and the number of words written is the number of words in the sections I've gotten through so far. (I have actually removed about 1000 words from the raw translation, some of which are the translator's notes to me, but quite a lot of which are extraneous.)

edit to remind myself of the URL where I got this meter code: http://honorless.net/progressbar.htm

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