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OKAY. So Ichigo & Co. set foot in Hueco Mundo in chapter 241 of Bleach. As of chapter 297 this week, they're still fighting after 56 chapters - over a year of weekly installments - that cover a short period of time. Exactly how short, we don't know, but certainly less than a day, possibly as short as an hour, and it's still going on. And note that none of these chapters has been set anywhere but Hueco Mundo: no jumps back to Karakura Town or Soul Society to let us know what's happening with the other characters.

This prompted [ profile] octopedingenue to ask: "Has there been, like, an Official Survey clocking which shonen manga stretch the least amount of Real Time* over the largest number of Fight!!Chapters? Because Bleach has gotta be way up there."

So HERE IS THE OFFICIAL SURVEY. So far we've got 56 chapters = part of 1 day. Any other contestants? I'm sure Samurai Deeper Kyo ought to be up there, since they have a metric buttload of fights while one character has a short time limit to live, but I don't know exactly how many chapters it is. But I'm sure [ profile] chomiji or [ profile] meganbmoore can work that out for us.

ETA: I failed to make it clear that I'd like (a) the number of chapters and (b) time period covered for anything you post. Otherwise we have no way of ranking the series. :)

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