May. 8th, 2008 06:45 pm
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...if I made Cosplay Bingo sets and sold them for $5 each, would you get one?

A set would include 10 bingo cards, each different, and 100 cardstock chips (laminated). The chips would be in their own plastic bag that fit in a larger bag with the cards. The number of chips is assuming that 4 players would be playing a blackout game where you fill in every spot on the card. If you think you'd need more chips, I could throw in more at $1/100. If you didn't catch me at a con, you'd have to pay shipping which would probably run $2.50ish for the US and Canada, 3.50 elsewhere.

I have a boring poll today that you can't see the answers on. :) I have to see if I'd get enough pre-orders to pay for the first batch, which is the point where I'd feel OK making them. If not, well, I'll just make myself one set and we can play it at A-Kon.

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I just had an awesome idea, sparked by a post on [ profile] renegadekitsune's LJ: Cosplayer Bingo. Cards with short text descriptions of things to look for, both characters and general descriptions. You sit at your artist alley table or wherever with your friends, each one gets a card, and you mark them as you see them. The first player to complete a five-marker line wins. Or, if you're hardcore, the person who fills in the entire card first wins.

So: give me ideas!


--Male crossplaying as a female
--Female crossplaying as a male
--Cosplayer of ambiguous gender
--Female version of male character
--Prop over six feet in length
--Cosplayer unable to see out of costume
--Costume wider than the cosplayer's height
--A group of three or more cosplaying the same character
--Wings on a character that does not wear them in canon
--A non-cosplayer carrying a keyblade
--A witty twist on a common character (i.e. Sephiroth wandering around with a tiny Aeris doll stuck on his sword.)


ETA: -- A Star Trek character at an anime convention.

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