Apr. 9th, 2015 09:47 am
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I have taken the plunge and bought art panels (three!! they suckered me in by charging way less for the third panel if you get an entire 3-panel bay!) for FenCon, another local con, in September. Now I have to think of stuff to draw for it.

I'm basically looking at the style I did for the pieces I put into the ConDFW art show here and here. Perhaps 3 larger pieces (16x20"ish), 9 medium ones (8x10") and 6 smaller ones (4x6" or 5x7"), to allow for a range of price points. If I get really inspired, I can do small artist trading card size ones.

Anyone got any ideas? For men or women, basically inspired by figure drawing? Naturally, now that I HAVE to do them, I'm fresh out of ideas. :( (well, I'll spend a few hours this weekend going through my pose reference pieces and pulling out ones that seem inspiring.)
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Is anyone here attending Nan Desu Kon in Denver on October 6-8 who could act as an agent for me for the art show? They don't accept mail-in art, so I'd have to appoint someone as my agent to drop the art off, hang it in the show, and pick it up.

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