telophase: (mugen - bzuh?)
#1. Mr. Salvatore, plz to be noting that when you have a number of lightning bolts hit the ground within yards of your characters, they should all be DEAD OF LIGHTNING because they travel through the ground. There's a reason you're supposed to crouch to minimize your contact with the ground when caught in a storm instead of lying down.

#2. Streams of Silver, p. 139: "Her nose was broken and disjointed, splayed across her cheek." EUW!

#3. I found a boarding pass in the book, obviously used as a bookmark, for a flight on December 29th, which is my birthday. Amusing coincidence, until you realize that the last time I found a boarding pass in a used book, it was for a flight on ... December 29. OOooOOOOoooOOOoOOOOO

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