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Headache. Not migraine level, fortunately, but may possibly go there. And staring at a computer screen is not helping it, so I think tonight's plan will be staring at the television instead, ignoring the email I've got to answer, and going to bed early.

Vacation inna week, vacation inna week, vacation inna week ... away from here yay. Other than that ... blah.

P.S. Torchwood airs Sunday - two episodes, even! - and then it'll settle into Wednesday nights, according to Wikipedia.
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OK, so I'm not yet decided whether I'm going to splurge on a hosting package and start farming out subdomains to people I know, like I maundered on about last week. But my brain is, of course, insisting on picking out some potential domain names first, and as I'm not having much luck thinking of any, I figure I'd throw the field open to the internet.

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