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Any of you out there with arthritis, what are some things that help the pain for you? This is one of the places where a cursory web search reveals a lot of noise obscuring the signal, with lots of recommendations of stuff from people trying to sell you said stuff.

I don't get lasting soreness now that I've got The Sandals and I'm not bending my foot as I walk*, but at seemingly random times, the joint in my foot will just hurt - I'd characterize it as a burning sensation - for 15-30 seconds or so. And then stop. I think it tends to go with the foot being physically overstressed or accidentally bending, like when I'm curled up on the couch and my foot is pressed into the cushion before I realize it.

Long-term goals are, of course, to get back to exercising and eating less to lose weight in order to put less pressure on the joint, but that's not too good in the short term. :)

* Although bare or sock feet on hardwood floors mean I shuffle reasonably slowly in the house, as bending my foot is guaranteed to make it hurt later. :) If I'm doing a lot of walking within the house, like unpacking stuff, I leave my shoes on, because I can walk normal speed** without worrying about it.

** Which is slower than most, I grant.

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