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Not cosplay, just crappy snapshots of three things I drew and something my table-mate,, drew for me.

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Sep. 6th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Note to Dreamwidth readers: I'm at AFest through Monday, so most updates are at via text-to-LJ. :)
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Today I helped judge the AMVs for the AnimeFest AMV contest. Um. What can I say about that except that DEAR GOD THAT WAS TOO MANY IN A ROW.

Post exclusive to LJ as Dreamwidth went down for maintenance just as I clicked "post". DOn't you feel special?
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--assemble table stuff (table cover, merchandise, pens, pencils, rubber bands, receipt books, etc.)
--make sales sheets
--make signs
--get comics from storage
--get change
--pack (don't forget meds and conditioner)

--pick up prescription
--make a few last prints now that the missing files are found
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OMG one more print, and I'll have all my prints done for the con and it's only TUESDAY.

It's not THAT impressive, as I'm only filling in the ones that were low or sold out from A-Kon, plus a couple of the new pictures since then. But still: TUESDAY.

But you wanna know what's REALLY impressive? I ran out of two tanks of ink in the middle of a large print - it stopped the print, I replaced the tanks, and it CONTINUED PRINTING WITHOUT LEAVING A SINGLE MARK WHERE THE INK ORIGINALLY RAN OUT.


Jul. 31st, 2008 11:29 am
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Anyone here coming to AnimeFest and need room space that isn't a packed crash room? I'm about to make reservations there and it'd be nice to share some of the cost. :)


Sep. 7th, 2006 12:41 pm
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[ profile] yankeerose69's AnimeFest con report, with more photos, including those of the most excellent Roy Mustang hanging out with her. Who, apparently, didn't know a thing about anime. :D
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Phew. Counted up the money I brought in from AFest, separated out the PBR stuff and the money I owe people and the money they owe me, and with the hotel/parking/food costs, I just about broke even.

Which doesn't seem very good, until you realize that the reason I'm not going to YaoiCon this year is that a group of my friends and I are going on a week-long cruise in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of October. The person I'm rooming with* has slapped both of our costs onto his credit card, and the majority of the money I owe people is what I owe him for that. So I've paid for the vacation. Wheee! And the money the A-Kon art show brought in can go for kitcshy souvenirs and whatnot.

I would sip margaritas on the deck in celebration except that I get horribly, horribly seasick, so have got a prescription for the anti-motion sickness patch and I suspect drinking booze with it would not be a good thing.

Weather willing, we're stopping at Montego Bay, the Grand Caymans, and Cozumel. I've got some sort of swamp or park tour scheduled for Montego Bay**, I'm going to COURT DEEEEEEATH! by swimming with stingrays*** and then do some sort of tour with friends at the Grand Caymans, and then I'm going with friends to clamber over Mayan ruins at the Cozumel stop.

And I'm going to catch up on my reading, since Net access is like $1/minute, so I won't be tempted to check email every five minutes. Although I may post at least one message to LJ, just to taunt you guys.

Recommend me good vacation books! I hate chick lit and most regular literary novels. Mysteries are good, as is SF and fantasy. I've got Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and plan on hauling it around - I can use it to beat up stingrays if I can't get past page 100 or so, where I've got to so far. Thicker books are good, because thin books and YA books I tend to finish really fast and so I'd have to bring a lot of them. Books that I won't get so attached to that I'd want to keep are good: if I can donate them to the ship's library afterward and not have to pack them, yay.

* Take that as you will.

** Lazing on the beach doesn't sound fun to me, I don't swim very well, and I really want to go photograph stuff.

*** No, I'm not worried. :)
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