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We have reached the end of a journey (and the beginning of a new one for us, in 13 hours!). The 24th and final gift in Toby's Advent calendar is....

drumroll, please! )
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Aaaaaand what's in Toby's brown paper bag for December 22nd?

Guess! )
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Almost through now! For today, we have...

Nanami togarashi! Very similar to the shichimi togarashi from a few days ago, but not quite. Details on Toby's blog here:
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And for the 20th of December, we have....

Vanilla ice cream flavor Kit Kats! Which tell you to keep them in the freezer, which is good as Toby's seekrit* candy stash drawer is overflowing with Japanese snacks right now! His reaction here:

* for values of "seekrit" that equal "I know exactly where it is."
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Three mango-flavored candies and another gummy lychee, because it happened to make it into that bag when I was doling out the contents. Toby's comments on the slightly odd flavor of the mango ones ehre:
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All right...TODAY. Did Toby get something exciting, wonderful, and awesome TODAY?

The suspense is killing me! )
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What did Toby get? Did he get more candy? Or did he get something wonderful?

cut for answer... )
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Shichimi togarashi! I think Toby was more excited about this than anything else so least, he broke out the all-caps for it on his post.

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