Feb. 28th, 2008 08:51 am
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I seem to have got something on linked from a Russian fic site named (whose banner features Snape, Captain Jack Sparrow, and someone I feel I ought to recognize but don't), but as it's all in Cyrillic, I have no idea what. I don't think they're hotlinking a picture, it's probably one of the generators, but I can't tell for sure, as the referer just goes to the main page there. Living in the future is interesting, yesno?

Via [ profile] estara: your chance to get Street Fighter fanart into a tribute book.

Last night's Trazodone dream: Cut for those who, like me, almost never read accounts of other people's dreams, and for random Trazodone muttering )

ETA: Does anyone have a clue how to rename tags? I keep trying, but it doesn't work. I pick the tag I want to rename from the list in the Tag Management page, then type the new name in, and click Rename, and it completely ignores me.
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If you really care what my Referring Page stats look like for yesterday, with all the hits from the hotlinked images, as I posted about in my previous post (which also explains the title of this post), look under the cut tag.

Cut for long )
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Er, well, loading at any rate. got well over 2000 hits from the Russian Livejournal clone hotlinking the Zaraki Kenpachi in a Schoolgirl Uniform pics. XD (Wasn't enough to seriously impact my bandwidth, though.)

I decided to do a little advertising on the two images in the set with black facing pages. XD

It makes me want to know what
адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111(c)
means. It's the same thing over and over again. XD (I assume it's a Bleach community. :D)

ETA: Check comments for translation. XD

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