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Wow, my new hair is way more funky than any clothes I own. O.o

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I'll get back to the rest of you who volunteered to test my Paypal buttons by buying SPindrift etc. once I work out how to apply international shipping. ARG
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Well, the poll in the last post, about what you think my hair looks like, has Sanzo winning just ahead of Mello's fabulous ... hair, with the British Mod option closing in on third. What does it really look like?

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Oct. 26th, 2006 05:43 pm
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Just got my hair colored.

I'm not sure I'm this funky.

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Got a new haircut today, went to a new Italian restaurant wiht my Italian class, and took a (bad) photo of the Hakkai I finished Wednesday night, just so you guys can see it. So even if you don't want to see my hair or read the food porn, stick with is because there will be HALF-NAKED HAKKAI!

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